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10 burning Stranger Things questions we need answered in Season 2

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  • Ambiguous fates, lurking new dangers and wild fan theories meant we were far from satiated when we last left Hawkins

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    By Lydia Price

    Where is Eleven?

    It was everyone’s most pressing concern following the premiere season’s finale (and release of season two’s trailer): What happened to our favorite science experiment gone rogue?

    Thanks to previews and the fact that Millie Bobby Brown is still employed, we know that we haven’t seen the last of the lovable psychokinetic. But where exactly did she go after destroying the Demogorgon? And if she went to the Upside Down, how did she get out again?

    What does Chief Hopper know about Eleven’s whereabouts, and what is his involvement with Hawkins Lab?

    People don’t just go leaving Eggos in the woods for no reason.

    Hopper was picked up by men, presumably from Hawkins Lab, at the hospital where Will was treated. What exactly did they tell him and make him agree to in order to let him go free? Are they the ones directing him to leave the waffles or did he decide to do it on his own? And if he is now working for the lab, will that make him an enemy to our beloved gang of kids?

    How much do Mike, Dustin and Lucas’s families know?

    While we got to know the Wheelers in season 1, we have yet to get any insight on Lucas and Dustin’s home life. After all the wild events, their parents are definitely going to be looking for some explanations — for instance, regarding the fact that their sons’ best friend seemingly died and then came back to life.

    What else do the families know about the supernatural happenings in Hawkins and the boys’ involvement? How much would Joyce (played by Marie Claire November cover star Winona Ryder), and even Chief Hopper, let them in on? Would they even believe their sons if they told them they made a telekinetic friend and battled an otherworldly monster? Are they still allowed to ride their bikes around alone at night even though that has proven to be a bad idea?

    Stranger Things Season Two

    How did Will survive in the Upside Down?

    The youngster could have easily gone the way of Barb (sorry, Barb). So, why wasn’t the Demogorgon able to wrap his evil face around Will?

    And Will did more than just survive in the Upside Down. How exactly did he manage to communicate with his mom Joyce through Christmas lights? Perhaps Will has some inhuman powers of his own.

    What will justice for Barb look like?

    Speaking of the late redhead (who recently inspired this Topshop collaboration), creators the Duffer Brothers promised Entertainment Weekly, ‘We’ll make sure there’s some justice for Barb [in season 2].’ But with the Demogorgon seemingly dead, what more can be done to make up for her untimely demise?

    Does Nancy have a thing for Jonathan?

    Yes, we know, there are a lot of life or death issues going on here, but we’re still worried about our gold-hearted loner and his obvious feelings for Nancy Wheeler.

    She was still with Steve at the end of the first season, but there were clearly still sparks between her and Jonathan when she gave him that Christmas present — and a kiss on the cheek. We feel a battle brewing and we can’t wait to see who’ll come out victorious.

    What happened to Dr. Brenner?

    The Duffer Brothers have hinted that Eleven’s dubious ‘papa’ wasn’t killed during the showdown with the Demogorgon. It’s doubtful that he would ever give up on finding Eleven, but would he still be welcome at Hawkins Lab after his failings? And if not, who will take over his post?

    Is Will okay?

    That bathroom scene did not make us feel great about Will’s health. You’ll recall that he coughed up some gross gooey creature and momentarily saw, or entered, the Upside Down.

    We’re anxious to see if and how Will was permanently affected by his time in the shadowy otherworld. Unfortunately, something tells us it didn’t change him for the better.

    Will Eleven meet her real parents?

    We already met her mother in season 1, but Eleven has yet to have a face-to-face with Terry. And then there’s the question of her dad. Fans have speculated that Dr. Brenner really could be her biological father, but it could very well be a character we haven’t even met yet or someone else unexpected.

    What other monsters are in the upside down?

    Marketing for season 2 has made it pretty clear that Hawkins will be dealing with bigger and badder monsters this time around. Are they coming from the Upside Down? Surely there are more beasts lurking on the other side of those portals, and it’s probable that the Demogorgon has some equally-frightening relatives. What horrors are to come?


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