Love Island seriously needs to stop selling us Skinny Sprinkles

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    We’re over a month into Love Island 2018 and we already don’t know what we’re going to do when it ends.

    From start to finish, it has been nothing if not dramatic, with shock dumpings, surprise recouplings, and a lot of passive aggression.

    We just don’t want it to end!

    Some people who might be ready for the end of the season however are the Love Island big bosses, who have found themselves in some seriously hot water this year, angering viewers for manipulating Dani into thinking Jack had cheated on her and accused of trying to keep Samira off camera, choosing not to feature a lot of her footage.

    All of this is child’s play however, compared to the show’s advertising choices, something that has been a bone of contention from the beginning.


    Yes, adverts are of course positioned for maximum impact, but the ITV2 show’s choice takes it a step too far.

    Their choices? Cosmetic surgery and weight-loss supplements (Skinny Sprinkles).

    Yes, really. Love Island viewers – predominantly women – are hard-sold ‘gastric bands in a glass’ in between segments of a show where a lot of very attractive women sit around in bikinis, showcasing their perfect bodies.

    The combination of the two is a huge confidence blow – and this writer is even guilty of postponing a pizza until after a night’s viewing to stop her from feeling insecure mid-bite.

    In short – people are making money from manipulating other people’s insecurities – and it’s not ok.

    What are Skinny Sprinkles?

    Skinny Sprinkles, contrary to how it sounds, is not actually sprinkles. Instead, the Instagrammable product is an appetite supplement drink, claiming to reduce fat and fatigue, keep you fuller for longer and make you snack less. Customers are instructed to mix a 9 calorie sachet with water and drink half an hour before meal time, supposedly shrinking your appetite.

    What does Skinny Sprinkles taste like?

    Unsurprisingly people don’t drink Skinny Sprinkles for the flavour, but it does have one – candy apple – we’ll let you be the judge of the taste.

    While we’re not going to shame people for taking appetite suppressants, the positioning of the adverts is shameful, manipulating young and impressionable people into spending money and fuelling insecurities that need to be discouraged.

    Sort it out ITV2 – it’s 2018.

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