Death is coming for Sansa or Arya Stark and we have a lot of feelings

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  • Please don't take Arya (sorry Sansa)

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    Spoilers ahead, so if you’re avoiding them we advise you to run like a wight who has just spotted Jon Snow, AGAIN

    Am I the only person who is so done with the Sansa and Arya bickering storyline on Game of Thrones? While the rest of the season has been jam-packed with white walkers, fiery dragon battles, and Jon Snow’s delicious man bun, the Stark sisters and their constant whinging about who has had it worse over the last few years has taken its toll.

    Is Faceless Man Arya, the girl who is literally carrying around a handbag full of peeled-off faces, really foolish enough to fall for Littlefinger’s scheming? Is moody Sansa, who is just starting to show the beginnings of a backbone, stupid enough to listen to snakey Baelish?

    Hopefully, the answer to the former and the latter is no. And – thankfully – one of the show’s directors seems to have confirmed that their tedious arguments are going to come to a very sudden and violent end soon. On top of that, the outcome will probably see one of the Stark sisters die. GASP.

    game of thrones

    Credit: HBO

    Alan Taylor spoke to Huffington Post about the drive behind his directorial offering this week, Beyond the Wall.

    ‘I love the fact that [Sansa and Arya] come back, they’re both lethal, and I just wanted to give the impression, as much as possible, that one of them is going to die,’ he admitted.

    ‘But you’re not sure which one…. Something is coming very soon between them, and it will be violent but surprising.’

    Casual. NOT.

    This season of Game of Thrones has been pretty light on the deaths of key players. While we’ve waved goodbye to Ellaria and the Sand Snakes, Olenna Tyrell, two Tarlys, Thoros of Myr and Benjen Stark, none of them are really the biggies, so to give one of the Stark siblings the chop is big news.

    Of course, Taylor might have just been going for that feeling, but the Stark sister storyline needs to end and the finale is set to be huge so we’re going to go ahead and presume that time has run out for one of them.

    game of thrones

    Credit: HBO

    While Sansa’s hair is a luscious copper dream and her new, Gothic outfits are on point, I’m backing badass assassin Arya.

    Yeah, she might be erring on the sociopathic side, but she is also insanely powerful. If you consider that she has the ability to literally transform into anyone, it means she could actually help Jon and Daenerys win the two most important wars.

    Sansa, on the otherhand, spends her days broodily frowning into the fire and strutting around Winterfell like she owns the joint.

    Who would you rather have on your side? Exactly.

    Sorry, Sansa.

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