Apparently this actor is all set to play Prince Philip in The Crown

And it’s making us VERY excited.

Claire Foy and Matt Smith in The Crown
Claire Foy and Matt Smith in The Crown
(Image credit: Netflix)

And it’s making us VERY excited.

Season two of The Crown may have only just come to our screens but we're already mourning the loss of its stars from the seasons ahead.

It was announced last year that this season would be the current actors' last, with the characters recast to older actors to reflect the passing of time - something that is set to happen every two seasons.

With Claire Foy and Matt Smith leaving impossibly big shoes to fill, the past month has been consumed with news of The Crown castings, from who will take on the role of Princess Margaret to whether the Queen's corgis will remain the same.

Olivia Coleman was the first actress confirmed for season 3, coming onboard as Queen Elizabeth and Helena Bonham Carter was announced just weeks ago to be playing her sister, Princess Margaret, replacing Vanessa Kirby.

The latest casting news however surrounds Prince Philip’s character.

While Matt Smith has played the role for two seasons, it looks like he might be passing the baton to 46-year-old Paul Bettany, with the actor reportedly nearing a deal.

Paul Bettany in Wimbledon. Rex

Think you’ve heard his name before? You have. He’s Peter Colt from Wimbledon - yes, really - and now also the Prince Philip of our dreams. Not to mention he's married to Jennifer Connelly so he has first-hand experience of being part of a high profile power couple.

Season three can’t come soon enough.

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