Netflix has changed the ending of The Notebook and viewers are baffled

Yes, this is not a drill.

Yes, this is not a drill.

Nothing makes us cry like a good Nicholas Sparks film, with The Notebook and a tub of ice cream becoming a staple for any break up survival kit.

There was excitement therefore when it was announced that the 2004 cult romance film would be available on Netflix this year.

Allie and Noah, the lake house, James Marsden in uniform - what's not to be excited about? Well, the ending actually, with fans confused to see that the iconic final scene had been cut.


Yes, while Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) were exactly as we remembered, breaking up then making up post-war in the dream house that he had built her during the 'Why didn't you write me' scene, the actors playing the older Allie and Noah don't quite get the ending we remember.


Gena Rowland and James Garner are known for their heartbreaking scenes, playing the older couple as Allie (Gena) is suffering from dementia and doesn't recognise her husband Noah (James). The film ends with the couple going to sleep in bed together and dying peacefully side by side, something that Netflix has decided to change.

Yes, this is not a drill. Netflix has cut the famous heartbreaking scene, instead ending the film ambiguously with the very much alive couple holding hands.


Given that The Notebook is the film that you go to when you want a good cry, it's hardly surprising that the internet is outraged that the most heartbreaking scene of the film has been removed.

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‘If you want to watch The Notebook on Netflix, don’t. They cut the ending,’ tweeted one angry viewer. Another agreed, posting: ‘Why did Netflix change the ending of the notebook? The best part of watching it is having your heart break at the end.’

In the words of Allie, 'WHY? We need to know why!!'

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