And the award for the most awkward Golden Globes 2017 moment goes to Emma Stone

Once again proving that she is all of us.

Emma Stone golden globes dress
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Once again proving that she is all of us.

The 74th Golden Globes took place on Sunday, with the live ceremony offering up just as many awkward moments as there were inspirational ones. The televised ceremony is one of the most-watched awards shows, meaning that the slightest on-camera mistake will be seen by the whole world and replayed over and over for years to come.

Jessica Biel took the first hit of embarrassment, getting mistaken for Jessica Alba on the red carpet, causing Justin Timberlake to burst out laughing and proving them to be one of the Golden Globes 2017 cutest (and coolest) couples. Then it was John Legend’s turn (or should we say John Ledgend), with his wife Chrissy Teigen taking to Twitter to show how his name had been misspelled on his place setting, captioning it ‘Bahaha loser.’

All of these, however, were eclipsed by Emma Stone’s awkward hug, potentially going down as one of the most awkward moments in Golden Globes history – and proving once again that she is all of us.

The faux pas occurred during the live Golden Globes ceremony at the La La Land table, which saw the film bagging all seven of the awards it was nominated for.

As director Damien Chazelle was announced as the winner of his category, the youngest director to ever win a Golden Globe, Ryan Gosling was the first to give him a congratulatory hug.

Chazelle then turned to embrace his girlfriend Olivia Hamilton at the same moment that Emma Stone also leant in to hug him, catching the three of them in an awkward on-camera three-way embrace, with the director leaving Emma hanging to kiss his partner. ‘Well, that was weird’ Emma can be seen saying as she cringed and apologized to the couple who thankfully saw the funny side.

Poor Emma. This Golden Globes was one for the ages with Ryan Gosling’s emotional speech, Brad Pitt’s surprise Golden Globes appearance and Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds’ unexpected kiss, but all anyone can talk about is hug-gate. Fortunately for Emma, it just makes us all love her more.

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