7 Spectacular On-Screen Thanksgiving Moments

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  • From Wednesday Addams to Bart Simpson, we love Thanksgiving on TV

    Thanksgiving can be a bit confusing when you’re British; we feel like we know what we’re talking about but in actual fact our turkey-eating knowledge only really extends to Christmas.

    Saying that, we still love to take notice of what’s going on Stateside on Thanksgiving so we’ve rounded up a list of the best Thanksgiving moments from the small and big screens, because even though we’re not technically celebrating, we like any excuse to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    The Blind Side
    The Addams Family Values
    so in love with this subversive scene from the 90s hit film, in which Wednesday (the adorably young Christina Ricci IRL) is forced to play the oppressed Native Indian in a Thanksgiving play at summer camp. Frustrated with the system(s) in place, she rebels against the script and stages a revolt onstage (which also ends up destroying the whole camp, FYI) and chaos and plenty of withering one-liners from Wednesday ensue. The fact she ends up getting her man in the end (the nerdy fellow-camp mate Joe Glicker) means we never get tired of this classic-if-not-traditionally festive film.


    crazy amount of episodes centred around Thanksgiving in Friends and luckily for us someone has compiled them all in this handy clip. Our favourites are actually the ones where the Thanksgiving spirit is in short supply: when Brad Pitt makes an appearance as founder of the ‘I hate Rachel Greene club’ and when everyone has a very aggressive football match after dinner and Ross and Monica almost kill each other. Also, who remembers when Rachel made her accidentally-gross ‘traditional English trifle’ which is half jam and sponge, half beef sauteed with peas and onions? As we recall, Joey said it tasted ‘like feet’. Mega lols.

    The Simpsons
    Bart vs Thanksgiving is an episode from season two which is bleak and funny all at the same time. In it, Bart feels a bit unloved and has a nightmare that the rest of the family really hate him. Then he randomly decides to sell his blood, almost gets attacked by a pack of savage dogs and manages to pass out all alone in the rough part of town. But in the true American-holiday style, he’s welcomed back into the folds of his family just in time for a hearty meal. Ahhh.

    Pieces Of April
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