My Best Friend's Wedding almost had an entirely different ending

We did not see this coming.

We did not see this coming.

Ah, there's no denying the nineties was certainly the decade when cheesy rom-com movies thrived.

But did you know that a lot of our favourite nineties rom-coms almost had entirely different endings? Yes, poor old Vivian in Pretty Woman almost had a much dark ending, and we can't even bring ourselves to talk about the fact Rose almost ended up with this character in Titanic (seriously).

Now we've just discovered that another one of our favourite nineties classics almost had an alternative ending, as well.

Apparently the original ending to My Best Friend's Wedding saw Julia Robert's character meeting a new potential love interest in the form of none other than John Corbett. Seriously, could this get more nineties?

The film's director recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the original ending had to be changed because test audiences hated Julia Robert's character so much they didn't want her to have a happy ending.

'What's this?' We hear you cry. 'Audiences didn't like America's sweetheart? How could this be?'

'They wanted her dead,' explained director P.J. Hogan. 'They just couldn't understand her motives.'

However, the studio understandably didn't want poor old Julianne to end up completely alone as Michael and Kimberly ran off into the sunset. Instead they decided to go with the ending we all know and love and have her find love and comfort in the arms of her gay best friend played by the ever fantastic Rupert Everett.

'That one scene somehow gave audiences permission to forgive Julianne,' Hogan said. 'Those last five minutes really made the movie work.'

We couldn't agree more.