8 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Crimson Peak This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, nothing puts you in the mood better than a horror film, especially Tom Hiddleston's latest, Crimson Peak...


With Halloween just around the corner, nothing puts you in the mood better than a horror film, especially Tom Hiddleston's latest, Crimson Peak...

Out on Friday, Crimson Peak is Guillermo del Toro’s latest venture into horror and the perfect pre-Halloween treat to get you in the festive mood. With a story set in 19th Century England, Mia Wasikowska plays Edith Cushing, a young author who falls in love and marries a man (AKA a very charming Tom Hiddleston) in possession of a gothic crumbling mansion. As supernatural forces, and a mysterious sister (Jessica Chastain) make Edith feel unwelcome in her new home, it’s clear that her new family have something to hide.

Not convinced? Well, here’s our 8 reasons why Crimson Peak should be your weekend treat...

1. Tom Hiddleston Crimson Peak marks Tom’s return to the big screen following his last outing as Loki in the Marvel films. And to be honest, we’ve been feeling a real lack of Hiddleston in our lives. Guillermo seems to know what the fans want, with the trailer boasting an intimate bedroom scene featuring Tom’s best, ahem, assets.

Source: Universal Pictures via Bustle.com

2. Guillermo Del Toro

If you don’t know Guillermo by name, you’ve probably seen his films. The director behind Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Pacific Rim is known for his lavish film productions with an intriguing infusion of his Spanish heritage and a mixture between fairy tales and horror. Crimson Peak’s ‘classical gothic romance ghost story’ then seems right up his alley.

3. The Romance

With stars like Tom, Mia, Jessica and even Charlie Hunnam - the-previous-Christian Grey himself - it’s clear there’s going to be some romantic entanglements on display. Guillermo even teases a lot of ‘kinky moments’ to go along with the horror, landing Crimson a big ol’ R rating in the US.

4. Those Costumes

Giving off some serious Halloween-inspo, Crimson Peak’s setting of 19th Century England coupled with Guillermo’s need for theatricality gives viewers a treasure trove of cosplay ideas with gothic high collars, corsets and yards and yards of fabric. Expect to see some imitations on All Hallows Eve.

5. The Cast

Any actor would love to be in a Guillermo film and the pedigree for this one proves it. Even the original cast boasts some powerful Hollywood players, as Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Stone were in contention for the leads. When both dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, Benedict’s good friend Tom even asked for his blessing to take on the role. It must be a good ‘un!

6. The Scares

Watching the trailer alone has our skin crawling, and in a good way. Guillermo promises that the film acts as homage to large-scale horror films he loved as a child. ‘People are getting used to horror subjects done as found footage or B-value budgets. I wanted this to feel like a throwback.’ And with less emphasis on CGI and more practical effects (the ghosts are played by people!), even the king of horror, Stephen King himself, called the film ‘gorgeous and…f**king terrifying.’

Source: Universal Pictures/via IGN.com 7. Your very own Haunted House

A love letter to the haunted house genre, in the vein of The Haunting and The Shining, the gothic mansion in Crimson Peak is given a name to rival the Overlook Hotel: Allerdale Hall. Guillermo even built the house specifically for the film, with every detail – from changing sizes of chairs to make it appear to be growing – to the colour of the curtain fabric gives the house a life of its own. All in all, a pretty epic setting for some perfect Halloween fun.

8. That trailer!

Still not convinced? Fire up the Crimson Peak

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