6 Reasons You’re Going To Be OBSESSED With The Affair

The Affair is finally here. Seven months (an awfully long time in the world of telly) after it became a Golden Globe Award-winning hit on Showtime, The Affair comes to Sky Atlantic at 9pm on Wednesday 13 May. Here's why we're all going to be hooked on The Affair...

1. The Affair lead stars Dominic West and Ruth Wilson are, like, the sexiest couple ever.

It’s flipping great, for obvious reasons, to have two Brits fronting one of America’s hottest TV dramas, but it should come as no surprise they were cast as The Affair’s Alison and Noah – two lost souls who meet one summer in Long Island. The chemistry in The Affair is almost as palpable as their combined acting talent; these two are on FIRE.

2. Pacey from Dawson’s Creek is back in the game.

Oh, hiiiii, Joshua Jackson, long time no see! The one thing that excites us more than Dominic and Ruth hooking up in The Affair, is the Matthew McConaughey resurgence under way for this guy. You won’t know whether to trust his character Cole (Alison’s husband) but that’s all part of the fun. And he’s looking rugged, which is totally working for us.

3. Ruth Wilson is having a serious moment.

Luther fans will know her as mad Alice; we fondly remember her from that brilliant BBC1 adaptation of Jane Eyre in 2006. Either way, Ruth Wilson is absurdly underrated, both as an actress and as all around awesome lady and so we are thrilled she got a Golden Globe for The Affair (beating Claire Danes and Robin Wright among others to Best Actress). As Alison, she is utterly intriguing, sometimes unsympathetic but often completely heartbreaking.

4) It will blow your mind

Now we’ve rattled on sufficiently about the show’s stars, it needs to be said how darn clever the show itself is. Split into two halves ie, his side of the story and then hers, they’re both recalling the same memories, but differently. But who to believe? That is the question. And why are they being questioned by a cop? 

5) The soundtrack is very cool

Fiona Apple wrote and performs The Affair’s haunting title-track and Dolly

Parton, Elbow and Johnny Cash are thrown into the mix throughout the

series as well. Er… ideal! And against a backdrop of Hampton’s beach

parties, bonfires and erm, outdoor showers (you get the picture) it’s super

seductive, chic and sexy.

6) It’s totally addictive

To state the obvious… you’re already sucked in, aren’t you? To launch The Affair as a double bill is the best news ever because we can guarantee one episode will not be enough. And even if you binge watch the entire series, it’s already been commissioned for a second series. Bring. It. On.

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