Relationship Selfies: In Defence Of The Virtual PDA

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  • New research from Haverford College, Pennsylvania says that loved-up selfies are the most hated of all social media, but before you jump on the romance-bashing bandwagon here’s eight reasons why it’s good to indulge in a virtual PDA every now and then. Go on, give relfies a chance…

    It’s good to ‘like’

    Even if your current relationship status is single, solo, seulement vous (you get the idea) it’s nice to know that others are riding high in the romance stakes. Hey, if nothing else it proves that good relationships do exist.

    Share the love

    Not normally a prolific poster of smulchy-selfies? You might be surprised at the reaction if you do put one up. Forget the ‘how smug?’ tsking and virtual rolling of eyes you’d expect, chances are your friends will be all over it. Try posting one and see how many likes you get. Feel the love people.

    Bad news backlash
    When social media is awash with trolls and twitter spats, it’s nice to see a cute couplie pop up in our feed once in a while. Sentimental us?

    The couple that selfie together stays together
    You can’t argue with science. According to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology couples who have more of a ‘we’ identity tend to have higher relationship satisfaction, intimacy and commitment. Time to order that selfie stick.  

    If you don’t like em, delete em
    No one’s forcing you to click onto anyone’s selfie a deux. So if a picture of two people enjoying a bit of a smooch puts you off your bacon sarnie, damn well hide it from your feed. Simples.

    Happy relfies = Happy relationships
    People usually only post relfies when they’re in a good place. Studies have shown that emphasising good times benefits your relationship by increasing emotional intimacy, trust, and satisfaction. Bless.

    They’re contagious
    Don’t believe us? The bods at the university of California, San Diego and Yale have proved it. In one of the biggest ever surveys about Facebook, they found that positive emotions spread online are more likely to seep into your own life. A reason to Two-sie if ever we heard one.  

    A sentimental selfie never hurt anyone.

    You’ve met someone you think is pretty cool, you’re having a nice time together thank you very much, and you want to show the world (well your 134 instagram followers at least) how hot your man is, particularly with a sepia filter. And why the hell shouldn’t you?

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