Facebook Profile Pics: Some Do’s And, Er, Don’ts

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  • So, we’re not going to judge but if you’re one of those people who changes their profile pic like, literally, ALL the time, then here are a few pointers after a highly scientific straw poll…

    DON’T take a great selfie of you looking ultra sexy when you are a bit smashed and post it accompanied by a status that says, “Another great night in. Love you, Sauv Blanc”.

    DON’T put a bikini shot up. OK, do this if you are aged 21 and it’s just another day for you. Actually, just don’t. Not for a profile pic. It’s not fair on the rest of us.

    DON’T do one of those “mock shock” faces

    DON’T put up the one best photo of you ever taken, you know, that one when you tried to do a bit of modeling when you were 15, you got a great shot and everyone you’ve ever known has seen it already.

    DON’T put up couples selfies. Apparently that annoys people.

    DON’T put up a really graphic post-birth pic in a gore-stained hospital gown looking like you’ve gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson. No matter how happy you are, people find it a bit too… intimate.

    DON’T put up a picture of a fictional character, or an actor that everyone has always said you resemble. Again, annoying.

    DO just put up a bloody normal picture of yourself, why don’t you???

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