Can I Get A Pretweet? Do Your Tweets Need A Cool Over?

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  • A new website has launched which teaches you to avoid the words everyone is sick of hearing on social media. Thus helping you to avoid an Epic Fail. Amazeballs!

    Ever worried you might be annoying the heck out of your Twitter followers with your choice of over-used, socially clichéd lingo? A new, free website, PreTweet promises to strip your tweets of any cringeworthy phrases and abbreviations, so you can find out if what you’re about to say is already So. Last. Season. Totes Amaze right?

    Simply type in the tweet you’re keen to share with the world and pretweet will check it against a database of hundreds of phrases identified as highly irritating by a research panel of 500 avid social media users, journalists and friends of the creaters. If the computer says no, you’ve got a chance to delete your 140-characters and try again. Personally, we’re all over this. #justsaying. Soz!

    So what are some of the so passé expressions that make it into the Social Media Hall of Shame?

    Off on my holibobs – Cringe Factor 62%

    Hilaire – Cringe Factor 100%

    Totes Amaze – Cringe Factor 100%

    Get in mah belly – Cringe Factor 100%

    Wow. Just wow – Cringe Factor 100%

    Best. Day. Ever. – Cringe Factor 100%

    It’s only bantz – Cringe Factor 31% – Cringe Factor 100%

    *Face* – Cringe Factor 83%

    Wine o’clock – Cringe Factor 100%

    So that’s a thing – Cringe Factor 100%

    #awkward – Cringe Factor 38%

    day = made – Cringe Factor 100%

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