Do you spend more time on Instagram than the average person?

We certainly do…

Instagram pods
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We certainly do…

Instagram has become the modern day Facebook with millennials across the world using the app to catch up with friends, get a daily dose of news and even get ahead in their careers. Even Sophie Turner has admitted that her following has helped her bag roles over the years.

There’s no denying it – Instagram is addictive, with those of us intent on creating a flawless aesthetic dedicating hours to choosing the right filters and the best photo order for our feeds.

Then let’s not forget all of the daily Instagram admin, with dedicated users spending additional time joining Instagram pods to get more likes and following similar accounts to boost their own numbers.

Basically, as a generation, we spend a lot of our time on the app.

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Instagram recently celebrated the one year anniversary of its ‘Instagram stories’ app, and to mark the occasion the site released some interesting figures.

According to their findings, the average amount of time each user spends on Instagram a day is about half an hour – 32 minutes for under 25-year-olds and 24 minutes for users aged over 25.

Instagram also released a list of its most popular hashtags to mark the occasion, with #goodmorning, #goodnight and #work coming out top.

If you’ll excuse us we’re off to test out these hashtags – and spend even more time on Instagram.

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