A band of feminist protestors storm the BAFTAs red carpet ??

'Times Up Theresa'

sisters uncut
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'Times Up Theresa'

A group of women from protest group Sisters Uncut just crashed the BAFTAs red carpet.

Chanting 'sisters, united, we'll never be defeated' and wearing black teeshirts with 'Times Up Theresa' written on them in purple and green, the women stormed the red carpet before lying down as security guards attempted to remove them.

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The protestors from Sisters Uncut, a group that supports the victims of domestic violence, were there to protest government cuts to services that support women who have been abused by their partners.

A press release on their website said they were challenging Theresa May's Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill, which they say will 'criminalise survivors while distracting from devastating funding cuts to domestic violence services nationwide.'

The group also point to statistics which show that 57% of female prisoners are also victims of domestic violence.

Sisters Uncut have fought hard against government austerity measures that they say put victims of domestic violence in greater danger. This isn't the first time the group have used the red carpet as a protest ground. In 2015 they crashed the Suffragette premiere to show support for women affected by domestic violence.

According to statistics released by Refuge, two women in England and Wales are killed each week by a current or former partner.

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