Meghan Markle will apparently ‘invite her dad and sister Samantha to the UK after her baby is born’

Yes, really…

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Yes, really…

Meghan Markle has a difficult relationship with her family, something that has plagued her first year as a royal.

The Markles as a whole have created a lot of drama around the now Duchess of Sussex, from estranged nephew Tyler Dooley naming his cannabis business after her to her father Thomas Markle continuously engaging with the press, despite Meghan’s reported pleas for him not too.

The most noise however has come from Meghan’s half sister Samantha Grant (now going by Markle), from her rumoured appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, and her turning up to Kensington Palace with a camera crew to surprise the Duchess, to her selection of Meghan’s due date as the release date for her tell-all book.


Despite the constant publicity stunts by Meghan’s estranged family, it was rumoured this week that she wanted to bury the hatchet.

A friend of the Duchess reportedly told the Daily Mail that Meghan would be inviting her father and step-sister to the UK after the royal baby is born in an effort to move on.

‘She plans to extend an olive branch to the family and invite them to visit after the baby is born – her sister [Samantha Markle] included,’ the source explained. ‘Meghan hopes and prays that the baby will bring her family back together.’

Kensington Palace declined to comment on the report.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby is reportedly due in April.

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