Ryan Gosling gets protective over his youngest daughter

‘I just covered her eyes and ran away from the window’

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‘I just covered her eyes and ran away from the window’

From the editors of InStyle US Words by Jonathan Borge

Ryan Gosling rarely opens up about his life at home, but each time he does, we realise he’s the ultimate father and husband.

The actor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his recent visit to New York City and Saturday Night Live appearance and thankfully, Kimmel asked if the family joined him on the trip, too. Gosling eagerly said his partner Eva Mendes and their children, Esmeralda Amada, 3, and Amada Lee, 1, were with him. However, it’s what he said about his youngest that made us melt.

‘It was her first time in New York and I brought her to the window in the morning and I said, “Sweetheart, welcome to New York,” and two cars went SMASH!,’ he said. ‘These two guys got out and I won't repeat the hand gestures for you but I just quickly covered her eyes and ran away from the window.’

So basically, Gosling didn’t want his little Amada Lee to learn how to give the finger, and did everything possible to protect her from the realities of life in New York.

In September, Mendes opened up about raising her daughters bilingual. ‘Esmeralda mostly speaks Spanglish right now. It’s really cute,’ she told People Chica. ‘She’s definitely bilingual, and it’s really important for us to make sure that she’s not only just familiar with the language, but also with the culture.’

Sounds like these two are in fantastic hands.

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