It turns out Ryan Gosling’s necklace is actually an emotional tribute

And it's lovely

ryan gosling necklace
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And it's lovely

From the editors of InStyle US Words by Olivia Bahou

Ryan Gosling has been travelling the world to promote his new movie, Blade Runner 2049, but he’s keeping his dog George close to his heart.

The actor attended the movie's premiere in London last month, wearing a dog tag on a chain around his neck.

The metal medallion reads, ‘GEORGE,’ above two sets of phone numbers.

The gesture was a sweet tribute to his longtime pup, whom Gosling rescued from a shelter back in 2002. The two had been inseparable since, as George has been spotted on set, in the airport, and even on late night shows with his favourite human.

ryan gosling necklace


‘George is way more interesting than I am. I’d much rather talk about him,’ he once told The Independent of his four-legged BFF.

Gosling confirmed on the Oct. 6 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that George sadly passed away last December at the age of 17. ‘He was a good friend to me,’ he told Ellen DeGeneres of his ‘ageing rock star.’

‘It's funny to say dog because I feel like there was something about George where I think he felt like being a dog was beneath him,’ he explained. ‘He would not do tricks. If you wanted him even to sit down, you had to convince him it was in his best interest.’

Thursday wasn’t the first time Gosling has been spotted wearing the tag - in fact, he’s been accessorising with the necklace since at least June 19, when he attended an event for Blade Runner 2049 in Spain.

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