Prince Harry's Christmas present for the Queen is the best thing you'll hear all day

This is hilarious.

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This is hilarious.

Royal Christmases are like no other, with the Windsors entering the room in order of title and getting weighed before and after lunch – a hilarious royal tradition to see if they have been fed enough.

But it’s the present giving situation that is where it gets really interesting, with the Windsors having gift giving at 6pm sharp.

But what to get a member of the royal family who has everything? Well, as it turns out, something cheap but funny.

Yes, the royals have a joke gift only policy, with past exchanges seeing Princess Anne give Prince Charles a white leather toilet seat and Kate Middleton give brother-in-law Prince Harry a grow your own girlfriend - this was of course before the days of Meghan Markle.


The most hilarious joke present of years past however was given to Queen Elizabeth by her naughty grandson Prince Harry.

What do you get a monarch who has had a trying year? A shower cap emblazoned with the slogan ‘Ain’t life a bitch’.

Yes. This is not a drill. We repeat. This is not a drill.

The Queen owns an ‘Ain’t life a Bitch’ shower cap - and it’s all thanks to Prince Harry. And the verdict? Apparently she loved it, finding it hilarious.

Well, that’s a relief.

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