Nasty Woman

And the internet just responded brilliantly to Trump’s latest comments

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  • Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a 'nasty woman' and the internet's response was amazing...

    Ah Donald Trump quotes: Frankly, they are the (dubious) gift that just keeps on giving. Particularly during the third Presidential Election when Trump decided to interrupt Hillary Clinton and call her a ‘nasty woman’.

    It was a moment that astounded the world, but we don’t think anyone could have foreseen the amazing reaction it would cause. From total outrage and indignation to some of the most hilarious comebacks we’ve seen in ages, here are a few of the best responses the internet had to ‘nasty woman’-gate – as it will henceforth be known as.

    1. The T-shirt

    One of the first reactions to Trump’s comment? Slogan T-shirts, of course. Google Ghost, for example, decided to sell both t-shirt and printed American Apparel sweatshirts to show their support for Hillary Clinton and her policies. In fact, proceeds from the sales will be going to Planned Parenthood – the American reproductive health organisation which alongside services such as cancer screenings and pregnancy testing also offers abortions.

    On the page selling the sweatshirts, the description reads: ‘Seriously, fuck Trump. 50% of proceeds from these sweatshirts will go to Planned Parenthood.’

    Guess we know which way they are voting.

    2. The Jokes

    Because, obviously. Those ‘nasty woman’ and ‘bad hombres’ quotes made for comedy gold…

    But then, so did a lot of his other quotes tbh.

    On the best funniest trends? #TrumpBookReport, where famous works of literature are reimagined as a quote from Trump. And the ‘nasty woman’ ones were some of the best…

    3. The Hashtag

    On a more serious note, women decided to turn the tables and transform Trump’s ‘Nasty Woman’ insult into an empowering feminist message through the hashtags like #IAmANastyWomanBecause – and the tweets were pretty amazing.

    We’re guessing this wasn’t really what Trump had in mind. Slay on, ladies….

    4. The Song

    While it’s debatable whether Trump’s comment have helped or hindered Hillary, it’s definitely given one woman a boost: Janet Jackson.

    Since the debate, Janet Jackson’s 1986 song Nasty has made one serious comeback, with Spotify reporting that plays on the song have gone up 250%. Turns out a lot of people are into that nasty groove.

    It didn’t take long for people to realise just how perfect the lyrics are either, especially: ‘No my first name ain’t baby, it’s Janet. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.’

    Cue some seriously amazing gifs…

    So there you have it: Internet – 1, Trump – 0.

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