Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher just surprised her parents in the best possible way

Try getting through this video without crying

Try getting through this video without crying

Viewers were left surprised when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher turned out to be the couple featured in the latest episode of home makeover series, My Houzz.

The 33-year-old actress teamed up with Houzz to renovate her parents’ California condo, the family home that she has lived in for most of her life.

‘Home is a really safe place for me - It’s warmth and comfort,' explained Mila. 'When I was nine my family moved into the condo that my parents still live in. I graduated high school in that condo, I got my first dog (without my parents’ permission) in that condo. Everything as far as my career went, happened there.’

She continued: ‘Knowing how hard I’ve worked for what I have puts things in perspective for me, showing me how much harder my parents must have had to work to have given my brother and I the life that we had. I would like to do this renovation for my parents because they have done so many things for my brother and I, and so I desperately want to give them something that I think they deserve.’

Despite being nine-months pregnant, Mila couldn't wait to get started, describing the décor as 'Miami Vice circa 1994' and hammering down the walls. ‘I have been wanting to knock down this wall for 20 years’ she explained, ‘I might be nine months pregnant but if anyone is knocking down that wall, it’s me.’

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

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Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, came in to do the heavy lifting and to give the condo his seal of approval after weeks of Mila's work, leaving the actress to surprise her parents, telling her 'Go get em babe!'

‘Seeing my parents’ reaction to their condo for the first time made everything worth it', Mila explained about her parents' tearful response. 'All the stress, the timing, everything and anything became null and void once my mum started crying.’

Raising a glass of Champagne, Mila exclaimed: ‘I would like to make a toast to my parents, to you guys who have been working so hard your whole lives and never taking the time to do something for yourselves, we wanted to do something for you as just a thank you for always being there for us kids and we love you, so thank you.’

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Seconding his wife's sentiments, Ashton Kutcher made a heartfelt speech to his in-laws, ‘When you have your own family and you come into a new family you always think that no other family will be as connected and loving and caring as your own family, except for you guys.’

‘I couldn’t ask for better in-laws’, Ashton explained. ‘We’re family, and there’s no distinction between Mila’s family and my family, and now I feel like we have a space that is as befitting as the love that this space holds.’

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