Apparently Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning a ‘classic’ wedding

According to reports, Meghan is very 'hands-on' in the planning of her big day (and why shouldn't she be?!)...

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According to reports, Meghan is very 'hands-on' in the planning of her big day (and why shouldn't she be?!)...

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Everyone wants to know what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding is going to look like.

There’s already been speculation about who is going to walk Meghan down the aisle, who is going to be part of the wedding party and, naturally, who is going the be given the ultimate fashion honour of designing the bridal gown.

Much of the narrative surrounding the Royal Wedding – which will take place on the 19th May at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle – has focused on how the young couple might break away from tradition.

But now, a source has reportedly told the Mail that the pair are working towards a ‘white and classic’ theme.

According to the publication’s Royal Correspondent, sources have said that Meghan is being ‘very hands-on’ with the plans for her big day. Well, as an excited bride-to-be, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

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A palace insider is said to have told the Mail: ‘Miss Markle has described it as reflecting a fairytale wedding, which, of course, is really what it is.

‘Staff have been struck by how unbelievably happy they are together.

‘They are having huge fun planning this. No one has ever seen Prince Harry quite like it.’

Apparently, Meghan and Harry have been a lot more involved in the organisation than previous royal couples, and they want their special day to reflect them.

The Lord Chamberlain’s Office would normally be responsible for organising a royal wedding in conjunction with The Master of the Household’s Department, according to the report, but Harry and Meghan are said to have also enlisted the help of their own wedding planners.

Differing from the Duchess of Cambridge who, aside from details such as flowers and cake decorations, reportedly deferred to ‘what the palace wanted’, Meghan has been encouraged by her future husband to be ‘hands-on’ with the planning process, especially as she has ‘great style and taste’ and a ‘very clear idea of what she wants.’

‘It will still very much be a royal wedding – just not a traditional one,’ the source added.

We cannot wait to see what’s in store.