Meghan Markle’s dog has a feminist following and she finds it hilarious

This is all a bit strange...

Meghan Markle is possibly the most talked about woman in the world, with the clothes she wears selling out in seconds (hello Meghan Markle effect) and her steps to becoming a fully fledged Duchess being highly documented.

It seems this week however that the hype isn’t just limited to Meghan. It is also extended to her pets.

Yes, really. Meghan and Harry’s new beagle rescue dog Guy made news this week, being heralded a feminist icon on the couple’s official visit to their Dukedom, Sussex.


The event took place when the couple visited the Survivor’s Network, and were presented with a framed drawing of her dog, Guy, alongside a ‘woke’ caption.

‘Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?’ reads a quotation bubble from out of the frame, while the response from Guy reads: ‘A boy who makes every effort to dismantle the patriarchy (whilst keeping in mind intersections with other forms of oppression)’.


Unsurprisingly, Meghan’s reaction went down well, with the Duchess of Sussex reportedly bursting out laughing upon opening the package, and exclaiming, ‘How lovely! Look at the little freckles on his face!’

Only Meghan and Harry would have a woke feminist rescue dog!

Yet another reason why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are millennial AF.

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