Meghan Markle has been warned not to go through with the traditional post royal birth photo

‘You’ll smile, you’ll wave, you’ll be radiant, but between your legs will be a whole different story'

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‘You’ll smile, you’ll wave, you’ll be radiant, but between your legs will be a whole different story'

Sure, being a royal has its advantages – the fashion, the princes, the tiaras, the castles – but it definitely also has its drawbacks, from the end of privacy to the dreaded rumour mill.

The one reason we could never be royals – aside from the fact that no princes want to marry us – is the expectation to be perfect, with Kate Middleton sending the Internet into shock last year for doing just that.

kate middleton maternity dress

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Just hours after Prince Louis’ April birth, the Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital with her newborn, in heels with perfect hair and make up – to pose for photographs on the iconic steps – a nod to her late mother-in-law.

kate middleton maternity dress

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How?? We still don’t know. And that was her third child, with Kate performing an extremely quick turn around and emerging fresh faced with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, too. Did we mention she also did the school run the very next day.

kate middleton maternity dress

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With Meghan Markle’s due date fast approaching (next month, people!), speculation is building around where she and Harry will welcome their royal baby, and whether she will follow Kate’s tradition.

The verdict? It seems unlikely, with Meghan Markle reportedly thinking of skipping the post-birth photo opp in front of the world’s paparazzi.

kate middleton maternity dress

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But just in case, one high profile business woman and mother, took the moment to write an open letter to the now Duchess of Sussex as an ad in the New York Times, asking her not to follow the royal tradition of royal mothers emerging perfectly with their newborns after birth.

‘I assume that, like your princess predecessors, you’ll be expected to parade outside of the hospital in front of throngs of photographers to show off your new bundle of joy shortly after giving birth,’ Chelsea Hirschhorn, founder of Fridababy wrote to the Duchess. ‘You’ll smile, you’ll wave, you’ll be radiant, but between your legs will be a whole different story.’


She continued: ‘Sure your blowout will be perfect for your hospital step photo-op, but people will be opening on all the wrong things - like how soon you will fit into your pre-baby wardrobe - instead of having an honest conversation about what women go through during birth and immediately after.

‘But us mums will know that while you wave from that step you'll be one pair of mesh underwear away from your first post-baby poop! Skip the pomp and circumstance of the baby parade.’

Will Meghan bypass the traditional photoshoot? Only time will tell.

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