Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to groping allegations

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The #TimesUp and #MeToo movements have seen a wave of women coming forward to call out sexual harassment and abuse, as well as gender inequality and abuse of power as a whole.

Prompted by the New York Times’ expose on disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein – now potentially looking at life in prison for his crimes, the movement has seen a host of high profile men accused of harassment and assault, in both recent and historic cases.

One of the most recent high profile figures to come under fire is Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, whose alleged past was revisited at an official event over the weekend.

Justin Trudeau sleeves.jpg

Justin Trudeau sleeves.jpg

While attending an event for steel and aluminium workers at Regina, South Canada, the 46-year-old was reminded of the allegations from 2000 – involving him, at the time a 28-year-old teacher, allegedly groping a young female Advance reporter at a festival in British Columbia.

The self-proclaimed feminist recalled the occasion that took place 18 years ago but not the event, replying, ‘I remember that day in Creston well. It was an Avalanche Foundation event to support avalanche safety.’

He continued: ‘I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all.’


The allegation by the unnamed woman first appeared in community paper, the Creston Valley Advance, in 2000, supposedly omitting the term ‘groping’ and reporting instead that the reporter felt ‘blatantly disrespected’.

The publication also reported that Trudeau apologised the next day for ‘inappropriately handling’ her.

We will continue to update this story.

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