We’ve had Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter’s name wrong all along 

Yes, really. 

Ryan Reynolds parenting

Yes, really. 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of Hollywood’s golden couples, never afraid of public displays of affection or explaining why they love each other in interviews, with Ryan in particular never missing an opportunity to shower his wife in compliments.

‘My wife, Blake, is like an alien, like MacGyver had a baby with Brigitte Bardot,’ he once announced. ‘The most interesting thing about me is her.’

In fact he has made it so clear that Blake is so far out of his league that other A-listers have started teasing him, with Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda jokingly referring to the actor as ‘Mr Lively’, something to which Ryan replied, ‘Oh, I’m Mr Lively 24/7 and I’m happy about it. It’s great – it’s the best gig.’

When it comes to their children however, the couple are notoriously private.

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Of course they express their love for their two daughters, with Ryan famously saying that he would use his wife ‘as a human shield to protect them’ if they were ever under attack.

But privacy-wise, the couple are keen to protect their children, keeping both baby names under wraps for as long as possible, with their second child's sex unknown until Ryan accidentally let it slip in an interview.

In fact, the couple did such a good job protecting their children's privacy that according to recent revelations, we didn't even know their now 19-month-old daughter's name until recently.

Ryan and Blake share daughters James and Ines, or at least that's what we thought, with Blake only just revealing that we’ve all been getting her youngest’s name wrong all along.

But it’s not in the pronunciation, it's in the spelling.

The 19-month-old is called Inez, not Ines as everyone has been calling her.

‘I had a new baby, Inez, with a “z” even though everyone says it’s with an “s”’, the Shallows actress told People. ‘I don’t know why, please tell Wikipedia.’

Well that's embarrassing for all of us.

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