Jamie Dornan’s old housemate Eddie Redmayne just described what he’s really like to live with

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  • ‘It was like having a puppy’

    How did we not know Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne lived together back in the day? Well, apparently they did.

    During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jamie explained that after moving to LA back in 2008, he shared a house with the Academy Award winner when they were both budding actors – and like all A-list former housemates (ahem Dominic Cooper and James Corden), these two have plenty of anecdotes.

    ‘One of the amazing things about living with Jamie, is it’s basically like living with a puppy,’ Eddie explained about the house situation in an interview on Good Morning America. ’He has more energy than any human you’ve ever met.’

    Mulberry Cressida Bonas

    Mulberry Cressida Bonas

    He continued: ‘There’s this weird thing about Jamie Dornan… there’s a twilight zone between 5pm and 6pm where he just goes insane. And it was like having a puppy. You’d have to let him outside. And friends who’d come for tea would see him doing star-jumps in the garden and they’d ask me, “What is he doing?!”’

    While the two seem like firm friends now, it could have turned sour with Jamie explaining to James Corden what it was like to compete for the same roles, calling it ‘desperate’.

    ‘We were both very desperate,’ Jamie explained. ‘It was slim pickings in those days for work and we’d both go to the same auditions – we had the same agent at the time.

    ‘I remember on the second day of living together, in 2008 I think, the courier arrived with a pile of scripts – like 25 – and Eddie and I were just like “Who’s it for? Who’s it for?” And it was for me which is ridiculous. And Eddie didn’t take it that well. He was fine but then he called his agent being like “Jamie just got sent loads of scripts” and like an hour later a courier arrived for him with the exact same stack of 25!’

    Luckily there’s no need for rivalry now, with both Jamie and Eddie being well-respected A-list actors in their own right. We’re loving this friendship.

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