We can’t believe this is Meghan Markle’s real name

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  • And she's not the only star who has completely changed her name...

    When Queen Elizabeth gave her official consent for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to get married, we had to take a minute. The official document revealed something that threw us for a loop: namely, that Meghan Markle’s name isn’t actually Meghan. Her real name is actually Rachel Meghan Markle, which is a pretty wild coincidence given that her Suits character is funnily enough called Rachel.

    And that wasn’t the only big revelation however. It turns out that Prince Harry actually officially goes by ‘Prince Henry’. It turns out that he’s almost always referred to by his nickname Harry and TBH Prince Henry just doesn’t have the same ring to it in our opinion.

    They aren’t the only celebrities who have chosen to go by a different name however. There’s a whole host of reasons why a celebrity may decide to change their name, from preferring their middle name, to wanting a shorter, snappier name – or just because they don’t think it’s glamorous enough for an A-Lister.

    From Gigi Hadid to Jude Law, Rihanna to Lana del Rey, there’s a whole host of A-Listers who have opted for something completely different, be it their childhood nickname or variation of their actual names.

    And would Reginald Dwight have ever been any where near as successful a singer-songwriter as Elton John? We’ll never know, but Elton clearly didn’t think so, and so ditched his real name.

    There are probably a lot more celebs in the world who don’t use their real name than you first thought, so we’ve rounded up the most interesting of celebrity name-changers out there…

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