13 of our all time favourite Julia Roberts quotes

Julia Roberts celebrates her birthday this Friday so to mark the occasion we’re rounding up her very best pearls of wisdom…

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
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Julia Roberts celebrates her birthday this Friday so to mark the occasion we’re rounding up her very best pearls of wisdom…

Words by Hannah Butters

Julia Robert is a household name, starring in some of the most beloved films of the last 30 years, and with an Oscar, BAFTA and three Golden Globes under her belt, her career shows no signs of slowing down.

Whether she’s telling Hugh Grant that she’s ‘just a girl standing in front of a guy’ in that Notting Hill scene or putting Richard Gere in his place in Pretty Woman telling him that she’ll ‘rescue him right back’, Julia has had some pretty memorable movie lines. Her best pearls of wisdom however, come from the Hollywood star herself.

As she celebrates her 49th birthday, here are 13 of our favourite Julia Roberts quotes to remind us just how much we love her…

Julia Roberts

1. ‘It has to be very confusing and difficult to be a young woman in Hollywood today, the focus is so surgical on these girls – on everything they wear and every little detail of their lives in a way that I think is kind of negative. I don’t know how they handle it.’

2. ‘Hillary Clinton has become a personal hero to me—who she is and her convictions as a woman and mother and a humanitarian.’

3. ‘When you’ve got four people to get dressed to get out the door you don’t really tend to spend a lot of time on yourself, but that’s the way I roll anyway. I was never one to do my hair and make-up just to go down to the market, so it’s really not that much different. If I get a little eye cream on, I feel like I’m ahead of myself.’

Notting Hill

4. ‘I love romantic comedies. I like to watch them and I like to be in them. It's something that's increasingly difficult to find, that spark of originality that makes it different than the ones that come before.’

5. ‘I don’t have the luxury of sitting around any more. I must have had bags of spare time before I had children but I don’t know what I did with it and I didn’t appreciate it. But it’s such a terrific trade-off. I don’t have time to get a pedicure, but I sure am happy. Who cares if your feet look bad?’

6. ‘Show business itself has changed and it’s not treated in a treasured, magical way any more. Everybody wants to know how the tricks are done and what the actors do 24 hours a day and it kind of takes a little bit of the fun away from the experience of going to a movie.’

Julia Roberts

7. ‘It’s about allowing time to just exist. Conversations require a complete disregard for the clock—so that you can just listen and really be present. It becomes a paradox of efficiency and presence. That’s why I love the summer. I just don’t care what time it is.’

8. ‘When I was a child I had a crush on Abraham Lincoln. Why I choose to reveal this, I know not.’

9. ‘The body is a great machine and it knows how to take care of itself. I think more often than not the things we do to our skin, or our bodies, can hold it back from doing its proper job.’

10. ‘[Social media] is kind of like cotton candy: It looks so appealing and you just can't resist getting in there, and then you just end up with sticky fingers and it lasted an instant.’

Julia Roberts

11. ‘People don't want to see me having sex... I'm the queen of the “kiss, foreplay, dissolve.” And then the “Whoo! Good morning, tiger.”’

12 ‘It's my privilege and honour to cook three meals a day for my family, and it's a luxury on a level that I didn't even realize, because it can be relentless for me on some days, you have pride in how you take care of your family.’

13. 'You know it's love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you're not part of their happiness.'

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