21 Rebel Wilson one-liners that made us spit out our tea

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  • Rebel Wilson is a hoot. A total hoot. She's rude, she's crude and she doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. Here are some of our favourite quotes from the Aussie actress.

    ‘I’ve only met [Brad Pitt] once before. Well, I didn’t really meet him. I kind of just stood behind him and smelled his hair. It smelled really good.’

    ‘I’m from the ghetto side of Sydney. We don’t really do drive-bys, we just do drive-thrus.’

    ‘I’m on a sit-about. It’s like a walk-about with no cardio.’

    At the MTV Movie Awards: ‘If you’re wondering why I was only nominated for three of the categories tonight, it’s because I don’t swallow.’

    On winning an MTV Movie Award: ‘The only thing that would make this better is if Zac Efron took off his shirt right now and came and kissed me. Do you want to give me an Australian kiss now, Zac? It’s like a French kiss but down under.’

    Source: Universal Pictures via Giphy.com

    ‘Welcome to the MTV Movie Awards I am a bit surprised they asked me to host… and so was MTV. They thought I was Adele.’

    From Pitch Perfect: ‘I’m going to finish him like a cheesecake.’

    ‘My family keeps me pretty grounded. Like if I try anything diva, they’re like, “Oh shut up. Go and do the dishwasher.”‘

    From Bridesmaids: ‘Hello Fellas, here I am. Put your American sausage in my English McMuffin.’ 

    Source: Rebloggy.com

    ‘A guy made these [rings] for me. He’s in prison. And he said, if you accept these, you’re basically accepting to be my wife. And I was like, okay. It’s custom bling! I’m not going to turn it down.’

    From Pitch Perfect: ‘I would do anything for you guys, Except for running, jogging or climbing stairs.’

    About her unique auditioning process: ‘Usually Mr. [Michael] Bay casts supermodels in his movies. So I went into my audition and I put in my bag some nunchucks, and I go, ‘If the situation arises, if my comedy is dying, I’ll pull out my nunchucks and show him my ninja skills.’ So, I did it for Michael Bay and he just went, ‘You’re in the movie!’

    Source: Universal Pictures via Giphy.com

    ‘I come from a family of professional dog-showers. That’s not a joke, unfortunately. The word bitch is used all the time. Like ‘Bring that bitch over here.’ ‘That bitch looks fat. Stop feeding her.’ And actually, I got in a lot of trouble on my very first day of kindergarten, because I looked at the teacher, and said, “That bitch looks pregnant.”‘

    From Pitch Perfect: ‘Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that’s what matters.’

    From Pitch Perfect: ‘You guys are gonna get pitch slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave.’

    Source: Giphy.com

    From Pitch Perfect: ‘It’s okay, Chloe. It’s just God punishing you because you’re ginger.’

    At the MTV Movie Awards: ‘Some people say they don’t do it for the awards, but I do. I do acting for the awards… and cash money.’

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