Watch: Reese Witherspoon asks, ‘Oprah, do you ever get bored of being wise?'

The answer is... yes as vlogger Joshington Hosts AKA Josh Newis-Smith found out.

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The answer is... yes as vlogger Joshington Hosts AKA Josh Newis-Smith found out.

Disney is beyond famous for serving up iconic teams; think of The Incredibles, Lady and The Tramp and ermmm Mulan and Mushu… to name just a few. But nothing can be more iconic that bringing together Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey as ‘Team Mrs.’ for A Winkle In Time.

The empowering trio couldn’t have been better cast for a tale that traces a teenage girl (Storm Reid) undertaking an intergalactic journey to find her missing father (Chris Pine). The go-getting teenager discovers her own light within during the process after a heavy load of Oprah-isms about empowerment and being true to your self along the way. I literally could eat that up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Nothing ever really prepares you for meeting three of the key power players in Hollywood right now, but this is closest I will ever come to meeting god(s) in real life. These women in question equally love to fan girl each other, too.

“I always think you look so good,” Oprah turns to Reese with a look of adoration. “We flew together and I noticed she had these cute jeans and black sweater and I thought why don’t I have that. I have jeans and black sweater but why didn’t I do that with the sweater and the boots y’all! I want to do that!”

It’s all down Miss Elle Woods, Witherspoon shares, “it’s part of that Legally Blonde thing where if you look good, you feel good and my grandma always used to say that. She always used to dress up, she always thought you had to be dressed for the day and it made you feel different!”

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When it comes to interviewing Oprah, it’s hard to interview the ultimate interviewer so why not turn the tables on the woman herself. Asking what’s the one question they have wanted to be asked, but hadn’t the toll of the publicity tour shines though Oprah’s good humour, “I don’t think there is one! We have been talking a long time, Josh – I gotta tell you!”

Mindy spots a hole in the long line of questions however, “no one has actually asked us what it was like working with Zack Galifianakis (FYI he was in The Hangover)– he was a real joy. I didn’t get to act with him or Chris Pines much but he was a treat!” Fond memories quickly come flooding back to Oprah, “oh yeah! We were in a gave with him for five days- hanging on a rope!” Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate cult campfire experience? Maybe it’s the cave lighting that led to Reese’s Mrs. Whatsit developing quite the crush, “it was the man bun! It’s a little extra flavoring,” or seasoning as Oprah and I quickly call the chemistry.

(Image credit: Atsushi Nishijima)

Sitting in a room with these three powerhouses you can practically feel the empowerment radiating off them, like a god given angelic glow if you will. Reese has been one of the key drivers behind the Time’s Up Movement, Mindy with her groundbreaking sitcom, The Mindy Project paved the way for South Asian women to take starring roles and Oprah has done more for diversity and women than possibly anybody else on the planet. But do they ever want to take a rest from feeling so damn inspirational all the time, I ask. Reese joins in the questioning, asking Oprah, “Do you ever get tired of being wise? Can I just take it off or take it down?”

Oprah the woman everyone wants to be President in 2020 certainly has her immediate sights set on comforts closer to home, “I just can’t wait to get upstairs and put on my pajamas and my little footie socks! Pajamas are my favorite outfit - they don’t feel so empowering but it certainly is my favorite thing to wear.” Oprah is all of us on a typical hungover Sunday, then… what a woman!

Speaking of hangovers the girls are fresh from quite the night out, “we went out last night,” Mindy AKA Mrs. Who enthusiastically chips in. “Good food, good drinks and Idris Elba – that was our night!” Talk about a trio of temptation.

The girls are quite the party animals it seems, as Reese confides, “we like to squeeze the juice out of the orange of life – that’s what we did in New Zealand and that’s what we are doing in London!” Oprah is quick to concur, “There will not be a drop of juice in London because we are going to squeeze it all out – we love a good cocktail and we are not ashamed to say it!” I legit never knew I was SO Oprah until this very moment.

Oprah is seems has latched on to her new co-stars and turned them into her party comrades, “this is what’s interesting until I met them, all of my friends, Ava DuVernay doesn’t drink, Gayle King doesn’t drink, Stedman Graham after all these years doesn’t drink- all these years and not a sip of anything! These are my drinking friends!”

Are they Disney’s answer to Destiny’s Child? I ruddy well think so! Reese practically leaps out of her seat when I asked, “that scene where we were coming across the wheat fields did we not say, ‘this is our Destiny’s Child moment!’” Her two comrades chime in with impeccable synchronization and Oprah screams, “you are the first one to say that!”

They may be able to handle this, but I am not sure I can - watch the full Joshington Hosts video above!

'A Winkle In Time' hits cinemas on 23rd March