Netflix has just cancelled this series

And we're actually pretty gutted

netflix cancelled
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And we're actually pretty gutted

Sundays are for Netflix and actual chilling right? So, it's always a sad day when we find out that a show we invested time in isn't returning.

And, this weekend, Variety confirmed that Girlboss won't be returning for a second series after Nasty Gal businesswoman Sophia Amoruso (who the show was based on) shared the news in her Instagram Stories with the caption: 'So that Netflix series about my life got canceled.'

Yep, the series based on Sophia Amoruso's life and book, which was turbulent but ultimately inspiring, has been canned - and it seems like Sophia isn't too sad about it...

Sophia Amoruso L

Sophia Amoruso L

'While I’m proud of the work we did, I’m looking forward to controlling my narrative from here on out,' Sophia continued. 'It was a good show, and I was privileged to work with incredible talent, but living my life as a caricature was hard even if only for two months. Yes, I can be difficult. No, I’m not a dick. No, someone named Shane never cheated on me. It will be nice to someday tell the story of what’s happened in the last few years. Ppl read the headline, not the correction, I’ve learned.'

The series starred Britt Robertson and was executively produced by Charlize Theron.


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It centred on the time Sophia started her vintage clothes selling business on eBay and although most viewers seemed to enjoy it (including us), according to Variety's Sonia Saraiya, the show's 'potential was thrilling' but 'it was messy, too.'

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