How to make your blog go viral

Constance Hall has caught the attention of more than one million followers, including celebrity fans. Here she shares her tips on how to make your blog go viral

Bloggers Top Tips - Marie Claire
Bloggers Top Tips - Marie Claire
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Constance Hall has caught the attention of more than one million followers, including celebrity fans. Here she shares her tips on how to make your blog go viral

How to make your blog go viral is the million dollar question for aspiring influencers. So we asked online sensation Constance Hall - the blogger who counts both Ellen Degeneres and Ashton Kutcher as fans, and who will be appearing at Marie Claire's Future Shapers Live on 20th May - to share her secrets.

Constance is the internet blogger who attracted worldwide attention thanks to her highly successful blog Queens of Constance, and most notably, her hilarious post about parent sex that went viral. She's also author of the feminist bible Like a Queen which went on to become Australia's best-selling book of 2016, despite not having a distributor and copies being sold online only.

Last year, Constance crowdfunded over $200,000 in 48 hours for a woman’s refuge in Kenya - proving that she's not just all talk when it comes to gender equality. Her book tour in the UK and Ireland kicks off this month and as part of it, she'll be discussing how to make it as an online influencer for Marie Claire's Future Shapers Live event (you can still nab tickets here) We caught up with Constance for her tips on how to make your blog go viral.

Make your blog good

We all have a hidden agenda - the selfie angle, the righteousness words, that girl in high school who we hope is reading this to get informed about our success or parenting wisdom. Get rid of it all, you will not get readers to relate if you are constantly trying to make yourself look or feel a certain way. Humans are so sick of shit. We are being fed shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner, most of us are employed to sell shit. Make your blog not shit. Half the stuff I write even makes me cringe, but the truth will not only set your free but your readers too. Write a post, read it, find the shit, take it out and hit publish. I totally understand that not everyone wants to overshare the way I do, writing about your crappy sex life or the fact your kids just ate baked beans on toast for dinner for the second time this week isn't for everyone. But whatever you choose to write, make it true, ego aside.

Leave your readers feeling good

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Video you may like:

You want your readers to leave your page feeling great about themselves, not great about you. See above.

Scrap your website

Blog directly to Facebook, or Twitter or whatever your chosen social media platform is, because your reach will be far greater. Then when the time comes to monetise your blog (i.e. you have a large following) go for a website. Aim to build your following from your social media feeds first, instead of linking to a website. That will increase your reach hugely.

Be entertaining

You catch more flies with honey, and your message will resonate so much further if you can entertain while giving it. Make people laugh, its going to have to be at you most of the time. I think ethically it can be at your kids and husband or parents sometimes too.

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Ignore the fear

If something doesn't make you nervous its not worth doing. If you're feeling nervous that's possibly a sign that you are on the right track and doing exactly what you should be doing. Start your blog, its easy. I did mine from my iPhone, in fact I still post everything from my iPhone because as a mother of four I don't get the luxury of an office or 'me time', even if it is to work. All you need is a photo and a story and you have your blog started, its that simple. There are thousands of blogs out there, yours may be exactly what the world is missing.

Redefine success

Re-spin your definition of 'making it big'. I now blog to over a million supportive 'Queens' who have definitely helped me to 'make it,' however I remember the first time someone shared a post that I had written and to me, I already though I had made it.

Be honest. Really honest

I write a post about the fact that I was breastfeeding in the early hours of the morning in a baggy old pair of undies and giving my baby some nappy-free time when she poo’d all over me and I ended up with baby poo matted through the pubic hair that was poking out of the side of my undies. It was one of those mornings where if I didn't post about it Id cry. A friend of mine related to it, shared it and that's where momentum begins.

To see Constance Hall at Marie Claire Future Shapers Live - and a whole host of other speakers - book your ticket now for Saturday 20th May at Sofitel London

Constance Hall’s ‘Like A Queen’ is available to buy now on Keep an eye on her Facebook events tab for the UK tour ticket release.

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