J.K. Rowling has said Donald Trump wouldn't be welcome at Hogwarts

And that's saying something considering Voldie was let in.

And that's saying something considering Voldie was let in.

It's a question we've all wondered, if Donald Trump went to Hogwarts what house would he be sorted into?

Whilst most would naturally assume the Trumps would be sorted into Slytherin (urm, duh) it seems that Hogwarts founder J.K. Rowling has other ideas.

According to the author of the much beloved Harry Potter series, it seems as though the Trumps wouldn't actually be welcome at Hogwarts at all.

Or at least if her below Twitter exchange is anything to go by.

Twitter user Oliver Willis posted the following tweet on Monday which shouted out to Slytherin Alumni, including the likes of Donald Trump and his son Eric.

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In next to no time, J.K Rowling herself replied saying otherwise.

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Now correct us if we're wrong, but is J.K. Rowling saying Trump WOULDN'T be in Slytherin? There's no chance he would be a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. He could arguably be a Ravenclaw, though it's doubtful. So it seems as though J.K. Rowling is saying Donald Trump wouldn't actually be welcome at Hogwarts.

Either that or he's a squibb (also likely).

Better luck next time Donald, maybe give the Durmstrang Institute a try instead?