How to perform the perfect striptease

Burlesque performer and enchantress Trixie Blue shares her tips and tricks...

Striptease landscape

Burlesque performer and enchantress Trixie Blue shares her tips and tricks...

Men love a striptease: a sexy dance from the woman they fancy, undressing just for them - where's the downside?

Surprisingly however, despite its high demand, few women actually perform for their partner, often daunted by the concept of being completely on show and struggling to get into the 'confident and sexy' mood.

Burlesque performer and enchantress Trixie Blue, from the House of Trixie Blue explains that confidence is key to a spot-on striptease, insisting that they should be as enjoyable for us as they are our partners.

'I personally find that the sexiest stripteases happen when I feel utterly fabulous' she explains. 'You should seduce yourself first before anyone else, as you are the most important. Indulge in your favourite passions and fantasies' she continues, 'and this in turn will inject spice and seduction into your striptease.'

If you feel like trying something new, surprising your partner or just flaunting your figure, here are Trixie Blue's golden rules for performing the perfect strip tease...

1) Never strip alone 'Involve your audience in any way you can. Indulge their senses by keeping close but far enough away to tantalise and tease. A cute brush of their arm will show that you are in charge.'

2) Eye contact is key 'Never underestimate the power of eye contact. 'Come to bed' eyes are key. I don’t mean sleepy, tired eyes, I mean sultry, seductive and inviting eyes. Start off with slow blinks, looking directly at your recipient. Next, shake it up a bit by closing your eyes and opening them to look at different objects/parts of your anatomy, especially places that you want your partner to look. A really potent tip in performing a striptease.'

3) Emphasise your unique silhouette 'Highlight your gorgeous curves with a brush of your hand, tracing the outline of your body shape. Stop every now and then to look into your partner's eyes and hold their gaze, before continuing.'

4) Be in the moment 'Authenticity is key to a striptease. Your audience is your priority and they want to believe that this performance is just for them. You must stay in the moment and make it clear that you are not just going through the motions - every garment that you peel off must be exclusive to the moment and for them only.'

5) There's no need to rush 'Slow and steady wins the race – peel off each item with exaggeration. Enjoy the moment and take it slow - it's really necessary to put the 'tease' in striptease.'

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