Deliveroo riders have been confessing their funniest stories

The results are hilarious

The results are hilarious

Just recently the folks over at Deliveroo revealed to us the A-list couple most Brits would want to third wheel (definitely not who we were expecting) and now it seems their drivers have decided to share their funniest/most bizarre stories.

We warn you, nudity and puppets are involved (though thankfully not at the same time). 

An Unfortunate case of #nofilter

When nobody answered the door on an alcohol delivery, the rider called the customer who told her to walk round to the garden at the side of the house. Now, we’ve all seen those Insta shots of beautiful people sipping something chilled by an infinity pool in some exotic part of the world. This was basically that, except it was six grown men drinking beer in a paddling pool in Newcastle.

The ol’ switcheroo

You don’t have to be Heston Blumenthal to know that hospital food isn't the best meal you're ever going to eat. So, it’s no surprise that a rider in Manchester was asked to make a delivery to an elderly patient in for an overnight stay. What is surprising however, is that she then transferred her Deliveroo onto her hospital tray so as not to insult the nurses to whom she had been praising the hospital’s food, and asked the rider to stay for a chat while she ate her dinner.

Man vs. Hill

The bicycle’s nemesis (contrary to popular belief) is not the pothole, but the hill. Bristol is therefore enemy territory. So, when a rider battling a particularly difficult hill began to tire, the last thing he wanted to run into was a rowdy stag do coming the other way. But in pleasant turn of fate, the stag do, clearly delirious on their friend’s upcoming nuptials, transformed into the rider’s personal cheerleaders, telling him to 'dig deep' and even giving him a helpful push to get over the hump.

Just the Tip

What’s the correct amount to tip? Is it 10? 15? 20?! Well apparently, it’s none of the above, as the correct tip is a bottle of expensive champagne. At least according to one satisfied customer in Liverpool, who gifted a rider a bottle of Moet for her service.

The birthday suit

Remember that hand thing in The Addams Family? What was it called? Oh yeah, Thing. Imagine delivering to that hand poked through a window. But, this time it’s not a cute and strangely endearing abomination, because attached to this hand is a hungover and completely naked man pressed up against the glass.

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An affair to remember

Another alcohol delivery, this time in Chelmsford, where a rider was delivering wine to a romantic dinner for two. The customer answered the door on the phone and said down the line, 'I’m really sorry babe, but I don’t think I’m going to make it out to your birthday. Feeling rubbish, so just going to have an early night at home.'

Some strings attached

A rider was asked to deliver to one of London’s most iconic hotels at 11.30am. When she got there, the customer asked her to hand the food to her friend, a marionette puppet named Gretchen.

Boss baby

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when a rider in Bath rang the doorbell, until a three-year old answered the door. The demanding youngster sent the rider round the side of the house to her wendy-house, and asked him to knock on the door. The toddler opened the little door, took the food and, much to the amusement of rider and onlooking mum, handed the rider a Monopoly £500 note. The kid then said 'Thank you Mr Deliver man, you earned this,' and closed the door again.

Pedalo to metal

When a couple ordered food to Greenwich park, the rider was expecting to deliver to two people basking in the sunshine on the grass. The indulgent pair however, were relaxing in a boat in the middle of the water. Not wanting to ruin their chill, they had already pre-paid for another pedalo. So the rider hopped in a pedalo and made his way across, handing the two their food so they could enjoy a meal on the water.

 Decent Proposal

A rider in Birmingham got caught up in a marriage proposal when a love-struck customer ran out to meet him and asked to hide an engagement ring in the chocolate fondant. The indulgent dessert was apparently what they shared on their first date. No word on whether he said yes. Fingers crossed.

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