Jessie Cave's Debut Book Describes All Of Our Love Lives

This Harry Potter Star’s Book Describes Our Love Lives in Her Doodles

Jessie Cave .3
Jessie Cave .3

This Harry Potter Star’s Book Describes Our Love Lives in Her Doodles

Ever felt slightly neurotic about your relationship or over thought things way too much? Well fear not, Jessie Cave’s new book proves you’re not alone. The Harry Potter actress and all round wonder girl – who played Ron’s first girlfriend, Lavender Brown – has made her doodles about the stages of love and like into a book - which is featured in our latest issue, may we add - which could basically be an biography of our love lives. 

The actress slash illustrator slash comedian set up her own website, post-HP fame and has since made videos with Simon Amstell and her fellow HP alumni, Katie Leung and Georgina Leonidas and started posting her illustrations daily. Alongside this, she’s currently prepping for her stand-up show at the Fringe and she’s also managed to make time to take to the stage for the play Arcadia, play Biddy in Great Expectations and appear in both Pride and Glue, she’s just finished filming Call the Midwife and is about to shoot off again to film Trollied. Phew. 

Now a mother of one – who was conceived from a one night stand with fellow comedian Alfie Brown who she is still with – Cave’s doodles chronicle the everyday thoughts that everyone has about relationships with the women and men around them – think stalking their exes, the elusive One and doomed relationships – and they’re bloody brilliant. 

Here are our three favourites:

The Non-Existent Phone Call

We've all been there. Endlessly checking our phones waiting for the boy we met at the weekend or our date to call (or atleast text, c'mon guys!) We've even resulted to 'accidentally' calling someone just to make sure that they know we're still alive or sending a text to the 'wrong person' to grab their attention.  It definitely didn't work. 

The Back-Up Plan Boyfriend

Whether he's someone you keep waiting in the wings for when your (doomed) relationship finally collapses or whether he's a bit of a rebound, it's sometimes makes the pain of parting from someone a little bit easier to have a back-up. It's probably morally wrong, but it can be mutually beneficial, so no ones really losing...are they? 

The Non-Moment Moment

You're imagining him accidentally leaving a sock at your apartment as a major turning point in your relationship ('guys, he's basically moved in'), but he won't notice said sock is missing for atleast six months. You've just had a non-moment moment as described by Jessie Cave's doodle above.  This girl is tapped into us. 

Love Sick by Jessie Cave is published by Ebury Press,available to buy now at £9.99

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