Danielle Steel’s gripping new novel is the ultimate page-turner

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Pour yourself a glass of red, run a long, luxurious bath, and don’t forget the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

An emotional yet uplifting story of ambition and triumph over heartbreak, The Right Time is the latest novel from bestselling author Danielle Steel and the ultimate page-turner.

If you’ve ever let doubts creep in that stop you from following your life-long dreams, experienced setbacks or struggled to really believe in yourself (so, all of us) then you’ll definitely learn a thing or two from our inspiring heroine, Alexandra Winslow.

The only child of a loving father and a ‘free spirit’ mother who abandons her at the age of seven, Alex spends her early years escaping into books, and soon gets a taste for the crime novels her father reads. But she finds it frustrating that the most exciting, bestselling crime stories are always written by men. So, she decides to start penning her own.

By the age of 13, she’s writing stories Agatha Christie-style on an old-fashioned typewriter – until things take a tragic turn and her father dies. Alex goes to live in a convent, where she discovers she has more independence and can dedicate more time to her writing.

She completes her first book by 19 and lands herself an agent in New York. But there’s a catch: she must write under a male pseudonym in order to be taken seriously. Goodbye Alexandra Winslow, hello Alexander Green!

With publishing success comes exciting book tours, world travel and dizzying levels of fame – which sees Alex masquerading as Green’s ‘assistant’.

However, the more successful she becomes, the harder it is to protect her real identity, and the more challenging it is to maintain a double life – particularly when it comes to the tricky world of dating. Of course, no acclaimed novelist is complete without a couple of movie and TV adaptations under their belt.

From New York to London to Hollywood, Alex’s fun journey is high voltage, and you’ll be rooting for her every step of the way.

Can she ever enjoy the success she deserves without having to hide her true self? Will it ever be the right time for a big reveal? It’s gripping, edge of the seat stuff – a lot like Alex’s thrilling crime stories, actually…

The Right Time by Danielle Steel (Pan Macmillan) is available to buy from all good book shops from 7 September.

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