Watch James Bond's Daniel Craig hip thrust through a Parisian hotel

The cheeky Belvedere ad was directed by Taika Waititi

daniel craig
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Daniel Craig has officially left his gruff James Bond persona behind. In a new ad for vodka brand Belvedere, the star traded his razor sharp suit for a leather jacket as he danced his way through a Parisian hotel - terrorising its staff and guests.

The short ad, directed by Taika Waititi, begins with the suited Skyfall star running away from an adoring crowd of photographers and fans. After throwing himself into a car, he emerges in a black leather jacket, sunglasses and a silver chain - leading into a hotel dance sequence as he searches for Belvedere vodka.

With an original song by pop singer Rita Ora (who is dating the director, Waititi), Craig pulls out all the stops in the fun ad as he gyrates, hip thrusts and struts. At one point, he steals a pocket square and a bottle of Belvedere vodka from a hotel staff member, then later dances across the top of a neon-lit pool. A bewildered elderly couple are later trapped with Craig in a lift as he hip thrusts a corner, before leaving them behind to fingersnap his way through a hallway.

It all comes to an end as Craig’s dancing-fuelled booze radar eventually leads him to a mirrored cabinet. He shakes his hips as he withdraws his own bottle of Belvedere and pours himself a drink, saying to the camera, “Finally.”

Waititi, who is also a comedic actor, also stars in the director’s cut where he grumpily bats his assistants away as the commercial ends. As one assistant attempts to feed him sushi, he bats her hand away and sends the roll flying into his espresso cup. Waititi commits however, and ends up drinking it anyways - sparking laughter from members of the crew and Craig.

Bloopers also show Craig having a blast as he freestyles, at one point even launching himself into the pool to cheers from the crew.

It’s been a year since Craig hung up his Bond gun and holster in No Time to Die, with no word on who will replace the star. He’s since moved onto another franchise called Knives Out, which recently released its second film and announced an upcoming third instalment in the series. He’s also set to return to the smaller screen for the first time since 2017’s Comrade Detective, as he will star in an upcoming show called Purity

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