Christina Aguilera recreates her iconic Dirrty beauty look in TikTok throwback

Peak Y2k nostalgia

Christina Aguilera attends Billboard Women in Music 2022
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It’s impossible for Y2K nostalgia to be in full swing and not mention Christina Aguilera. To this day, Aguilera’s Stripped era remains one of her most iconic style-wise, and now two decades later she’s revisited the look on TikTok and Instagram.

Her clip began with an old video of her 2013 Justified and Stripped joint tour with Justin Timberlake, in which she tells a dancer: “Just because my album’s name is Stripped, doesn’t mean you can take my clothes off.”

As the audio petered out, it led into a remix of her song Dirrty and flashed forwards to Aguilera today, strutting towards the camera with her famed two-toned 2000s hair. 

The hairstyle was a vast departure from the blonde haired ‘do she rocked throughout her Genie in a Bottle era and was a big deal at the time, featuring grungy black streaks through her mussed blonde hair. 

While unfortunately she didn’t don her boxing ring outfit from her Dirrty music video, she did deliver with an outfit that ticked all the noughties boxes: donning a corset, miniskirt and fishnets. 

Referencing her song Fighter from the Stripped album, she asked in her description, “Where my Fighters at?” 

Recently, Aguilera celebrated the twenty year anniversary of her album Stripped and shared an Instagram gallery of her revisited hairdo in full. She also dropped by Vogue to talk about her fashion transformation through the years. From her baby faced post-Disney days to her recent LadyLand Festival looks, she also touched on her 2000s era which she said was a time she started to “come into expressing who I was, and having a little bit of fun and not feeling so boxed in.”

“I wanted [Stripped] to embrace every different part of being a woman, from feeling empowered and strong, owning my sexuality - and not from [the perspective of] what a guy thinks it should be,” she told the magazine.

Speaking of her image at the time, she explained, “I wanted to go against the grain. I wanted to go against the rulebook and what a popstar should look like and sound like, and I had to take the bullets for it too. I definitely had the conservative police come after me a few times.”

“I didn’t even think that there was anything wrong or upsetting or offensive about Dirrty whatsoever,” she continued.

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