Is this the most WTF bath bomb ever?

Not sure we're ready for this...

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Not sure we're ready for this...

There's no denying we love a bath. For starters, you won't believe how many calories you can burn by soaking in a tub. Secondly, it's one of the most relaxing ways to unwind. And finally, if you have long hair, you'll know why a bath is more often than not, far superior to a shower - there's no way we're washing our hair every single time we wash our bodies. No, thank you.

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But, there's a new product on the market that's making us feel quite squeamish about our beloved bath-time. Enter Japan's new food-inspired bath bombs. Now, we understand that some people have a serious love for particular foods. But has there ever been a moment when you've wanted to completely immerse yourself in a giant, steaming pot of Ramen noodles?

If your answer is yes, quirky online Japanese retailer Village Vanguard has just answered your prayers with a range of 'mouth watering' bath bombs. Sold in mini packets that resemble actual soup parcels you'd find in your local supermarket, these broth scented powders include gyudon (braised beef with soy sauce), miso soup and, of course, ramen. There's even a curry scented one. Honestly, we're speechless.

soup bath bombs

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We've heard of weird celebrity beauty treatments, like bathing in a tub of milk, but never did we think it would become 'trendy' to smell like a cup a noodle soup. Then again, we never thought spreading avocado through our hair would become such a hit. And we certainly didn't predict that women worldwide would embrace the trend to apply haemorrhoid cream under their eyes to reduce puffiness so much either.

Perhaps these little treasures will fly off market shelves after all. But one thing is for sure, we'll never take a spoon into the bath. That thought is just far too grim.

Natalie Lukaitis