Fenugreek seeds are selling out fast because of this Beauty Blogger

If you can get your hands on some, get them quick

fenugreek facial farah dhukai

If you can get your hands on some, get them quick

We've come across a lot of homemade face masks in our time. But never have we come across one that causes an almost sell out of simple kitchen ingredients. Then again, never have we seen such quick results when it comes to turning dull skin into a glowing beacon of health. Such is the power of the Fenugreek seed facial.

This week, beauty blogger Farah Dhukai treated us to yet another skincare hack, by blending softened fenugreek seeds before applying them to her face. During the quick Instagram video, Farah shows a close up of her skin, which has a few red spots and some sallowness. She then soaks a packet of fenugreek seeds in boiling water and leaves them over night. The next morning, she rinsing them through a sieve and places the water from the mix in a bottle and the softened seeds in a nutribullet.

After whizzing the seeds in the nutribullet, she presses the seeds onto her face where needed. Then she sprays the left over fenugreek seed water in her hair. Waste not. Want not.

After 15 minutes, she takes the fenugreek seed face mask off. And what is revealed is honestly amazing. Not only is Farah's skin not red anymore, it's utterly glowing. As though she's put highlighter all over her face. Only it's natural.

Then she leaves the water in her hair overnight and after washing it in the morning, reveals shiny, soft hair. Honestly, fenugreek seed us up!

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Trust this idea to come form the founder of Farsali oil. You know, the facial oil beauty bloggers are obsessing over? Thing is, we went to buy some fenugreek seeds and no luck. Sold out. So if you find some, get your hands on them. Stat!

Natalie Lukaitis