Love the skin you’re in with a year-round, at-home glow

Summer might be over but that’s no reason to wave farewell to your tan – Boots UK has everything you need for fabulous fake tanning

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It’s official. The last bank holiday of the year is behind us and with it the slow slide into cooler days and longer nights begins. But the good news about being tucked up at home is that now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a little extra self-care. And what better way to have you looking healthy and feeling well than with a carefree sun-kissed year-round glow.

Now you don’t need us to tell you that an actual tan from the actual sun can enhance the appearance of skin-ageing and cause long-term damage to your skin. Or that, over time, regular use of tanning beds can do the same. (And if you do need the reminder – then consider yourself told. End of.)

In a similar vein you probably think you already know all there is to know about self-tanning too. By which we mean, you likely fall into one of two camps – those who think fake tan is for them and already know the best way to achieve one, and those who think it’s not.

Either way, it’s time to think again.

From instant tans to gradual tans, serums to mists, vegan and cruelty-free formulations that deliver the subtlest of glows to the kind of fabulously shimmery finish that shouts its ‘poolside Ibiza’ fake-tan credentials loud and proud, these days there are as many kinds of tanning products to choose from.

So whether you’re looking for the convenience of a great all-rounder that will slip effortlessly into your daily beauty routine (seriously – the growing number of ‘smart’ fake tans for face that feature the kind of ingredients that come with serious skin credentials, from hyaluronic acid to Vitamin E, is insane) – or you want to make a day of it and build a long-lasting layer of glowing colour into relaxing spa day at home head over to Boots UK and discover its complete self-tanning range.

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You’ll find everything you need there to achieve the wonderfully natural-looking tan of your choice, along with exfoliators, primers, mitts body balms and more. Whether you’re a fake tan refusenik or an old hand who thinks you know it all (or, you know, somewhere in-between), prepare to be delighted.

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