Boots is training its pharmacists in dermatology—and it's set to be game-changing for all of us

From dermatology-trained pharmacists to new skin scans and LED light therapy

Boots dermatology pharmacies
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Boots has long been ahead of the curve in British beauty. With heritage spanning back to the 1800s, the health and beauty retailer has evolved impressively over time with achievements including launching its No7 range in 1935, creating its UVA rating in 1992, reimagining its beauty halls in 2019 with hundreds of new brands, relaunching its iconic Natural Collection products, and now, in 2024, introducing its dermatologist pharmacy training.

Boots dermatology pharmacist training

Led by consultant dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall, Boots is now offering dermatological training to 4,000 pharmacists across the UK. Totalling 64,000 hours in training made available to pharmacists over the summer, allowing them to be better informed to give skincare advice to consumers for free.

The first dermatology pharmacist training took place at the Boots Beauty concept store in Battersea, opening in December 2023.

That isn't the only service Boots has introduced. If unable to make it to a Boots store, you can access its two Online Doctor Skin Services. First is the Skin Condition Diagnosis where consumers are invited to send photos of skin concerns to be clinically assessed in 24 hours. The second is the Skin Ageing and Hyperpigmentation service to help with a diagnosis and also enabling the team to prescribe treatments like Finacea and Differin 0.1%, which are prescription-only treatments that, historically, often require a visit to a GP or dermatologist to access.

Of course, it's always best to seek in-person advice from a consultant dermatologist where possible to get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. However, it's no secret that this is also very expensive, so Boots offering these enhanced training and services to consumers is set to help democratise the skincare space.

Other Boots skin services

Boots skin scanning in Battersea store

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If you thought that was a lot, there's more. The Boots Beauty Store in Battersea Power Station has two more services that'll interest skin enthusiasts. The first is a free skin scanning service that looks into things like fine lines, pores, UV damage and brown spots on the skin with a dermatologist-trained pharmacist able to help with questions and product recommendations. Personally, I'd recommend going on a week day when the store is a little quieter. 

The last is the treatment room where you can get a scalp check and LED light therapy treatment. The scalp check is exactly as it sounds, it helps diagnose any scalp conditions and you can talk through any concerns you have (whether that be dandruff or hair thinning) with the dermatology-trained pharmacist. They can also help recommend products for you. 

The LED treatment utilises various lights to target concerns like blemish-prone skin, rosacea and eczema. Although, it's important to note that you typically need a course of treatments to see the best results, and the team can talk you through this. These are paid services and you can visit the store now to get booked in. 

Boots Battersea treatment room

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With skin issues affecting so many of us, the move is part of Boots' plan to help democratise the world of dermatology and skincare, taking the confusion out of choosing products, understanding minor skin conditions and shopping accordingly. 

As a beauty editor, it's such a fantastic move to see—helping everyone understand their skin better. While, of course, it is always best to seek advice from a consultant dermatologist or GP if you're really concerned about your skin and want a solid diagnosis, this is a step in the right direction that I love to see when it comes to making skin health more accessible for all.

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