Tyra Banks launches new skincare line

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  • Beauty world domination is but a cream away for this supermodel...

    She has of the most famous (and beautiful) faces in the world. So when someone like Tyra Banks drops the news that she’s launching a new skincare line, you listen.

    While working on her cosmetic line Tyra Beauty, she became inspired to launch a whole new product range.

    “If makeup can be transformative and delightful, why can’t skincare?” Tyra asks in a video about her new venture.

    And so, Tyra Skin was born. When asked about her incredible complexion, she always says, ‘I get it from my mama.’ But before you go thinking that’s completely unattainable because, well her mama ain’t your mama, Tyra explains she means something completely different.

    ‘I’m not talking about DNA or some kind of youth gene that passed dow through the ages of my family. I’m talking about habits.’

    If her habits can give us skin as good as her own, we’re down with it.

    Exactly what’s in the Tyra Skin collection:

    The Secret Weapon Microderabrasion Wand

    Described as being ‘formulated with diamond-shaped micro-crystals that are evenly suspended throughout a solid matrix to remove dull, dead skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other imperfections’, this wand has the ability to take your skin from dull to polished in mere minutes.

    The Clean Machine Foaming Face Wash +Turbo Cleansing Tool

    Tyra calls this gadget a ‘cleanser, makeup remover, and skin purifier in one.’ The scrubbers are pharmaceutical grade silicone and the face wash has blood orange extract so you get a lot of anti-oxidant, Vitamin C.

    The Closer Repair + Hydrate + Soothe Serum

    Argan oil, orange extract, and shea will give you the softness skin of your life.

    The Instant Gratification Lift + Smooth + Illuminate Mask

    This mask is NOT playing around. It claims to shrink pores, minimize appearance of wrinkles, and even skin tone in eight minutes. Pus, each box comes with 8 masks, so you’re sorted for at least 8 weeks.

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