Post-Festival Beauty: Don’t Let The Damage Show On Your Face

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  • Glastonbury is done and the clean-up operation is now in full swing.

    An 800-strong cleaning crew (for their sake we hope they have an impaired sense of smell) are working their way over the 1,200 acre site in Somerset in an attempt to restore the land to its former self. A difficult job considering that it’s played home to 175,000 festivalgoers for almost a week.

    Much like the festival – that’s in its 44th year – your skin, hair and general appearance will be in need of a spruce too.


    It only takes a couple of sleepless nights to look as though you’re carrying a Céline under each of your eyes. The Clarisonic Opal, £175, pulsates at 125 sonic movements per second. Use it to apply your normal eye serum (we’re of course assuming you use an eye product and if you don’t, you should) to the puffy area under your eyes. The rapid movement, plus a little gentle massage on your part – will drain away the excess fluid that causes bags. You can literally feel the fluid drain away towards the back of your nose. Yes, it’s gross but you won’t find a quicker fix for bags than this. 

    While your body begins its own clean-up operation to rid itself of the many toxins it has come into contact with over the last few days, the whites of your eyes are likely to look, if not a little yellow certainly a touch murky. Murine Bright & Moist Eyes, £4.59, really works. Apply a drop or two every now and then and within just minutes your eyes will suggest eight hours sleep.


    On Sunday over on the pyramid stage, Dolly Parton pulled in a crowd larger than Metallica but let’s hope that while she was belting out ‘Baby, I’m burning out of control’, you weren’t. However, if you’re suffering the after effects of sunburn, some anti-oxidants wouldn’t go amiss. SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, £129, is one wonderful antioxidant serum. Add a few drops to your after sun to help repair a lot of the damage caused by the burn.

    Dehydrated skin

    Let’s face it, camping at Glasto is hardly the most hygienic of experiences and you can expect your pores to be suitably full of grit and grime after a few days in the field – after all a baby wipe is hardly a miracle worker. Nothing beats a Clarisonic Aria, £155, when it comes to shaking pores free of debris. You can use it daily to bring your skin back into a good state of repair but we find an improvement in clarity and texture is likely even after just one use.

    Hanging around outside all day quite literally saps the skin of valuable moisture, more so if it’s windy. Now you’re home allow your skin a few minutes with Sarah Chapman 3D Moisture Infusion Mask, £39, it uses nano technology to deliver moisture deep into the skin where it can do its best work.


    The magic of red lipstick is its ability to make you look pulled-together when you’re actually anything but. It’s a trick Rita Ora and Haim’s Este appreciate as they were spotted time-and-time again at Glastonbury with a scarlet pout. Red lipstick has a bit of a rep as being high maintenance, but it’s actually one of the easiest things to wear and it just loves bare skin and lashes. You really needn’t do anything else with your makeup.

    MAC’s Ruby Woo, £15, is an eternal favourite but we also love Stila After Glow Lip Colour in Rave Red, £12, – which if you’re still in the raving frame of mind – will glow under UV.


    Your hair would have been lucky to get a wash during the last few days – grimy build-up coupled with a can-or-two of dry shampoo will have taken its toll. Smother it in Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Mask, £26, and allow it to work for three-to-five minutes. Its forte is de-hydrated, under-nourished and damaged hair. Its avocado oil and olive fruit oil combination restores moisture and strengthens sun-weakened hair.

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