Olivia Palermo: My Beauty Rules

Olivia Palermo always looks absolutely perfect and now you can too with the socialite's top hair and makeup tips...

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Olivia Palermo always looks absolutely perfect and now you can too with the socialite's top hair and makeup tips...

Olivia Palermo on her skincare rituals... There’s no good excuse for sleeping in make-up — ever. It’s just good hygiene. It takes ten minutes to remove, and everyone has ten minutes. I’m not even high-maintenance with it — I just smooth Vaseline over my face and remove it with a cotton pad. It’s really effective.

Olivia Palermo on her favourite skincare products... I don’t switch around my skincare. I’ve got a very simple routine. I use all the products from my dermatologist, Dr Dennis Gross, because they’re great. SK-II also does fantastic moisturisers — I think I might have used all of them. You know what’s especially great if you travel a lot? The SK-II Facial Treatment Masks. You look like a mummy with them on, but it’s so hydrating.

Olivia Palermo on facials... I only ever go for results-driven facials. I don’t have indulgent ones, because they just seem to clog my pores. And I’ve never used a face scrub. I’ll only have one if I get a medical facial and the professional uses it on me.

Olivia Palermo on modelling... When you’re on different shoots all the time, your skin can be destroyed. Before any shoot, I put on my own face products, then the make-up artist will apply the foundation and colour. As a model, you need to stick to your own products, because it’s important for your skin not to get congested. I’m fortunate to work with amazing make-up artists, but I’m still specific about what they put on my face, so my skin doesn’t take a beating.

Olivia Palermo on her make-up secrets... I don’t usually give my secrets away. However, I do tell all the make-up artists I work with about Japanese company Mii Cosmetics. I love its Mii Miraculous Colour Corrector. It’s a super-small green concealer paste that you dot over a blemish to counteract the redness.

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Olivia Palermo on her make-up staples... I always stick to nude lips. I usually wear Christian Dior. A fresh, clean, natural look is the most beautiful. I apply my own make-up and I always use the same colour tones. I don’t really stray much in the evening. I may just use heavier eye make-up and add a few lashes.

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Olivia Palermo on false eyelashes... I’m a false-lashes expert. I’ve taught all my girlfriends how to apply them. You need Tweezerman Tweezers, Mac Duo Adhesive — it’s the only glue I’d recommend — and, if you’re using strips, some small hand scissors to cut them to your match your eyes. False lashes are great — I’m all for them. If it makes you feel better about yourself, why not?

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Olivia Palermo on being blonde... Being blonde was just a phase. I had to keep it for some time, because we were filming and needed it for continuity. My mom’s got blue eyes and the most beautiful blonde hair I’ve ever seen, but I’m a natural brunette and don’t dye my hair. I often use Living Proof products, and I go to the Julien Farel Salon in New York. The best hair product I’ve ever used is Julien Farel Vitamin Restore. You use it a few times a week instead of your shampoo and conditioner and it brings your hair’s PH balance back to normal. Anyone who uses it will feel like they’re in a hair commercial.

Olivia Palermo on being papped... You won’t see me getting milk in sweat pants in one of those paparazzi shots. I like getting up and getting dressed. I do have days off from make-up entirely, whether it’s on vacation or just staying at home, because my skin needs to breathe.

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