Strobing: Everything you need to know

Got contouring down? Just in time because now strobing is the big new makeup trend


Got contouring down? Just in time because now strobing is the big new makeup trend

Contouring has been big news ever since we saw Kim Kardashian faking angles we just knew she didn't have! Where on earth did those cheekbones come from and how do we get a pair too? Ever since then, who hasn't been watching YouTube tutorials on contouring and using taupe eyeshadows under their cheekbones to make them look like they're jutting out? Even the most basic of beauty regimes has embraced artful bronzing.

But now there's a new contouring technique in town, a version 2.0 if you will. Welcome to the era of strobing. Sounds like a random early nineties dance craze we know but what strobing actually is, is contouring without the darkness. Think illuminating wihtout the complimentary shadows. Strobing was massive backstage at fashion week this season and it's the reason that all the models look like ethereal floaty angels. Kim Kardashian's sharp angles are awesome but who doesn't want to look radiant and like they live permanently in a soft focus lens?

Strobing is actually rather simple and involves only creamy, pearly, metallic shades to highlight and illuminate the skin so it's perfect for Autumn and Winter and fair skin will rejoice at not having to bronze up. You just use the different tones along your brow bones, cheekbones, down your nose and dotted in your cupids bow. Et voila!

Although it's very new beauty trend, there are already two amazing make-up palettes to get the strobing make-up trend down.

Laura Mercier Candlelight Luminizing Palette, £45,, features all the shimmering selection you need for high beam skin.

Sleek Precious Metals Palette, £10, Boots, contains four dreamy, creamy shades to dot, dab and blend to perfection for skin that gleams.

Bobbi Brown's Brightening Brick, £34,, will give you more of a natural strobing glow thanks to the mix of 6 shades and subtle luminosity created by the pearlescent particles.


We won't be abandoning contouring any time soon but strobing seems like the perfect make-up technique to brighten dull skin and help us cope with fading tans and post-summer skin. Hurrah!

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