8 tricks and tips make-up artists swear by

The best make-up of your life is just 8 steps away

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The best make-up of your life is just 8 steps away

Thanks to social media, we have a plethora of make-up tricks at our finger tips. But, there's nothing quite like the expertise of make-up maestros. We recently sat down with four of the best in the bizz to get the low-down on the tips and tricks they all swear by. Want flawless make-up every time? Read on...

'When it comes to blending foundation near your hairline, always do your makeup before doing your hair. That way, if you get any stray makeup or powder into your hair, you can blend or blot it out'. - Laura Geller, founder of Laura Geller make-up

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'To keep skin hydrated throughout the day, I mix a serum or moisturiser in with the foundation. This will also create a slightly lighter coverage consistency for a healthy glow.' - Francesca Neill, Head make-up artist for COLLECTION

'When you need your blush to stay put for hours on end, layer a gel formula under a powder or bronzer.' - Petra Strand, creator of Pixi by Petra

'My favourite make up tip of the moment for a fun and diffused glowing cheek is to mix a little YSL powder blush into a couture mono eyeshadow on a blush brush before application.' - Fred Letailleur, National Artist for YSL

'Blend concealer / highlighter with an eyeshadow brush not concealer brush'. - Fred Letaileur, National Artist for YSL

'If you find that foundation collects where you have dry patches of skin, moisturise that area and then apply primer over the top to lock in hydration all day. Then, cover with a thin veil of make-up. The more you pack on, the more noticeable it will be.' - Laura Geller, founder of Laura Geller make-up

'Reapplying powder throughout the day can cause make-up to cake and crease, so instead use a fixing spray. This will breathe new life into your makeup and make it more malleable for touch ups, whilst helping to set everything in place. Try the COLLECTION Fixing Spray - it lasts hours.' - Francesca Neill, Head make-up artist for COLLECTION

'Dab a colour corrector all over lips to neutralize the lip tone and to make the lip colour more vibrant.' - Petra Strand, creator of Pixi by Petra

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