How To Shape Your Eyebrows To Suit You

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  • 'The best way to create your perfect shape at home is to start off by using a brow stencil kit,' says queen of facial topiary Shavata.

    1. Try out different shape options to see which one suits you best. Hold the highest point of the stencil against the arch of your brow and see how it looks in the mirror from both up close and far away. I would always recommend going for the thickest brow shape you can, with an arch three quarters of the way in and a gradual slope towards the end. Use a pencil to trace in the outline of the stencil first to use as a guide before you start using the tweezers.

    See the best eyebrow shapes to suit your face shape

    2. When plucking, always sit in front of a large mirror and use a magnified hand-held mirror simultaneously as this will give the most realistic view. As the hand-mirror helps with the detail, move from mirror to mirror to get both perspectives. For balance, it’s also easier if you go back and forth between each brow, tweezing a few hairs at a time. Overplucking and plucking above the brow should be avoided at all costs as hair doesn’t always grow back and you run the risk of permanently ruining your arch which is imperative for offering the most flattering shape.

    3. If in doubt, my general rule of thumb for the perfect brow shape is:

    Curved brows suit rounder faces.
    Oval and square face shapes suit thicker brows.
    Soft arches suit all face shapes as they provide a gentle lifting effect.
    Bold/straight brows work well on square faces.
    Don’t fight nature – go roughly with the shape you have for example if you have naturally thick brows don’t go for a thin shape as you’ll be forever trying to maintain them.

    And if your brows are a little follically-challenged? Here’s how you can make the most of them:

    1. Don’t overdo the depth and colour of your brows as they will overpower the beauty of your own eyes.

    2. Use a pencil or the stem of your brush and line it up with the inner corner of your eye. This is the spot to start your brow, so remove unwanted hairs and etch in a straight line (curving the line can make it look slug-like). Again, using the length of the pencil, angle it across your pupil as this marks the highest point of your brow. Finally, take the pencil out towards the outer corner of your eye as that marks as far as your brow should extend.

    3. Sketching in faint hair-like strokes offers the most natural effect but take care not angle your brows downwards at the ends.

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